The Smash Book Revisited -Faces

I'm sure these pages are not finished yet but I am liking the entrance of faces. That has been my challenge or goal- to learn to draw faces-in my own style and out of my head.
I want to work on incorporating faces onto larger canvases. That very well may be my challenge on this cold, rainy day. I'm glad you stopped in................................Jo


  1. Wow! I love these 'out of your head' faces. Keep it up. Unique is always wonderful.

  2. i thought your faces were great, and its your own style, which is so important, you are your own artist with your own style, and people will look and your art, without knowing who did it, and say thats lookd likr jo's work

  3. I like how they’re going too! Your faces have such character!

  4. I love the way you can see the background through their faces