Ten Eleven Twelve

Here are a few more faces from the morning IN THE VAN faces journal.
I worked the third one from a photograph.
and lastly
Sketching faces is not easy. I refuse to draw the same faces I see so much of on the net. Not that there's anything wrong with them, except they just don't work for me. You know the ones I mean. The perfect, blemish and wrinkle free faces with big, bulging I'm- high- on- the- wonderment- of- life- eyes, the full, voluptuous- don't- hate- me -because- I'm- beautiful- lips- and always, always long, flowing, highlighted locks. The women in my world don't look like that, nor do I. I'm going for the real stuff. The wrinkles, the sag, the sometimes serious ,the wisdom, and the silver. And, I am drawing them on top of everything. Thanks for stopping in.......xoxoxox...... jo


  1. Once again your faces have such character! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the faces on the net. They are much too cutesy for my taste.

  2. Love the last two drawings! They look like real women, instead of a formulaic rendering.
    I'm faving your blog!
    Love & Laughter,