Saturday's Art Journaling Workshop

Another fun couple of hours at AC Moore this past Saturday. I just love to watch people at work and having fun creating art. My daughter has not created art with me since she was a little girl until that day and she brought her boyfriend's sister with her so it was even more special. They both told me they really enjoyed it. I had us start with a warm up again like last week. I wanted us all to loosen up. We filled a piece of cardstock again with chosen images that were in the middle of the tables. Then they were asked to scribble, journal anything that made them smile on top of the images. Then paint and gesso were added. Then more doodling on top of that. Then I asked them to cut a big heart or lots of hearts from that and use it in or on the front cover of their journals. I've been working on the pages of an old photo album that I'm recycling in to an art journal. I'm not sure I have the arms right yet; I must have reworked them half a dozen times but I think it's looking better. Thanks for all your wonderful comments on Paint Party Friday. I appreciate them so much. Hope you had a good weekend. It was really hard getting out the door for work this morning after being off last week. No more late night trips to the freezer for ice cream. Thanks for visiting here.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! ♥♥♥

  2. Your class sounds really fun and useful too, what a good way to make a journal cover image.
    Your lady-in-progress looks good, her arms look fine to me.

  3. This looks so much fun!! I've just posted your fabulous mail art on my PPF post :) Thank you so much - I love elephants x