Stupid People and Other Stuff

One thing that really irks me, no, angers me, is people that don't care for their animals. Perhaps it's all in the way they were raised, that it's ok to have your dogs chained up all day long out in the blazing 90 heat and without water. I have new neighbors. They have two dogs. I have never seen these dogs drink much less get any attention. It's been hard to adjust to going outside my backdoor and getting barked at. I hear them whining and whimpering late at night. I feel very sorry for them and angry at these stupid people that now live too close to me. I want to call the County officials and report them but others have told me that unless I can witness abuse to the animal nothing can be done. I find that hard to believe. I am going try because it's just really getting to me. I believe people who do not care for their animals really are not kind people and it's been really hard for me to feel and be neighborly toward them. ON another note I've been creating a lot of art but I've been pretty lax about posting. I guess I needed a break. When I moved in to my house nearly ten yrs ago there was some tile left in one of the closets. I knew I would do something with them eventually, I just didn't know what until recently. Layers of deli paper done on the gelli plate, and doodling with paint markers. I am happy with how it looks. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by...............


  1. I hate people who are abusive to their animals too. And neglect is certainly abuse!!!
    On the other picture……How did you do this??? I want details!!! My Gelli prints look AWFUL! Please instruct me!!!!