Gelli and Deli Printing

So I've been having fun with more printing on the Gelli plate on plain card stock and deli paper. It's very easy to get on a roll with this process. I have no problem creating big piles of prints. I am using some of them on the inside page of the journals I have made for my art journaling workshops at AC Moore, and some for collage in my own journals. I love how some of them really look on deli paper. Some journals for the workshop. I think I may have a few more people for this Saturday's workshop than previously. I'm excited and hope to be able to show you some pictures next time. Here's using the deli paper on my journal page. Hope you're having a good week. Thanks for visiting.................


  1. More students to spread the word! ♥♥♥ And so on, and so on...........

  2. Wow! These look great,Jo. I think it's a lovely touch supplying handmade journals in your workshops. I wish you good luck for Saturday.

  3. Jo, I enjoyed the class today at AC Moore. It was a joy to meet Marian and learn about her life story and her art journeys. Your work above and what you showed us today is really beautiful. You have a natural bent toward journaling. Looking forward to next week.