Two Hour Mess

Although there were only two participants in the two hour art journaling workshop I led at my local AC Moore this past Saturday, I still had a lot of fun with two very creative women. I had us start with a warm up exercise. I spread out two bags of magazine images on the table and in about 5 minutes we were to glue down images or pieces of images that we chose. The idea was to work fast without too much planning or thinking. Glue sticks instead of neatly pasting with Mod Podge. Next I got out markers. We wrote fast, scribbled anything that came to mind for the next 5 minutes. Yes. Do it on top of the images. Next we painted and gessoed over writing and images, leaving what we wanted. Again, in about 5 minutes. ok. maybe a few more because we didn't really like some of what we painted. Our inner critic started to step in and tell us we had made ugly messes. We persevered.After drying with a heating tool, it was time for another 5 minutes of doodling with markers or pens on top of what we had done. Are we going to do something with this? they asked. Yes, I said. I want us to find an area on our paper that we like and trace the lid of the yogurt container. Cut it out so we can use it as part of the cover for our journal. I had a wonderful time making art with two special women. We laughed a lot, we shared ideas, tried each other's paint and stencils. I couldn't think of a finer way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you Faye and Marion!! ** Participants have given permission to have their art shared here.


  1. Nothing is better in the world than making new friends! :D

  2. Jo, your class is sheer enjoyment!