The Question of the Day

I am on vacation from work this week.....My job requires that leave time be requested a year ahead of time. How was I to know they would begin building a recycling center right around the corner from my house this month which required putting in a new sewer system.............. right in front of my house?? The noise became more noisy throughout the day. Tuesday morning I got up and made myself breakfast. An egg sandwich on toasted Italian bread with turkey bacon. I don't normally eat this for breakfast, however this was the last meal I was going to have over the next 24 hours. What I was preparing myself for was this. After I ate my sandwich like it was my last meal on earth. I read that I would not be eating any more solid food until after my procedure. I analyzed this. I could get a whopping headache from not eating, I could even become hypoglycemic. I quickly decided on one more thing. Protein. More carbs. Without going in to to much more discussion about this wonderful ordeal, let's just say that by the time my daughter picked me up this morning to take me to the hospital for this procedure, I was pretty headachey and had an attack of the "gleecies" (I made that word up.) I got prepped,answered a bunch of questions including what color was my last BM, (like I really wanted to know, I told her I hadn't looked.) the IV in place, and waited for the nurse to come and get me. I discovered that I'd been watching too many reruns of HOUSE and Grey's Anatomy. I was becoming anxious so I asked the nurse for a pen and paper to keep my mind off of things which were now consuming my thoughts. Once wheeled in to the procedure room, the nurse then proceeded to ask me some more questions, followed by the doctor, followed by the now standard "Time Out" questions which I answered and then I held up the clip board and asked her jokingly, "What color was YOUR BM this morning?" She asked me if I was ready for the happy medicine I said I was. My daughter has gotten a real kick out of informing me how many times I asked her if she had to work today on the ride home. I had no recollection of getting dressed after the procedure. Nor do I have any memory of my asking her to take us to the Thai restaurant for take out chicken pad thai, or that I also insisted on going to Chipotle for a burrito bowl and having her repeat back to me what I wanted. I did all this? I said all that? I asked you this?? I laughed so hard because she was laughing so hard while pretending to be me. This is my daughter who wants to go to nursing school and who will be 23 years old tomorrow. God I love her! It's 10pm right now. I am happy to report that I will not needing to do this again for another 10 years. I am hoping the bulldozers and all the other hard hats will move up the street allowing me to get at least a couple more days of quiet. I've had enough rumbling for awhile.


  1. “Enough rumbling for a while’……I see what you did there! ;) (glad everything turned out okay!)

  2. Oh, Jo, How awful for you on both counts. Not a pretty view from your window. I hope they finish soon so you can get some piece. My sympathies are with you over your little 'procedure' .Not very pleasant. On a lighter note I'm happy to say I received my mail art today. Thank you, so much, It is lovely.Lots of beautiful detail. I will find a little place in my art room to put it on display. Do you mind if I post about it on my blog?

  3. I hate that procedure too. I think my doc said I was too old to have it done again (due to danger of puncture). It's always amusing to hear the after remarks of the patients. I am always afraid I might say something embarrassing .