Back in the Saddle

It felt really good to be able to spend some time in the studio after not being there for nearly three weeks. Honestly, I didn't know whether to clean it up from the mess I left it in or just push stuff aside and continue on. I decided to ignore the mess and create a new layer of mess on my table top. I worked on a page from Roben Marie Smith's class here. I am having fun with learning how simple it is to build layers and see different artists' take on that. Here are some images for this piece I had started a couple of weeks ago and continued yesterday. You can see the added embellishments between the first and second photo. I used a foam stamp glued to a piece of cardboard, two other stamps I had previously carved and there are bits and pieces of washi tape. And here is another altered book page I have been intermittently working on when I can find it buried on my table. I'm off to play some more. Thanks for spending a moment here...... Please come again..................xoxo jo


  1. I'm pretty sure layers of studio mess are conducive to creativity. Or at least I try to convince myself of that. ;-) Your layers are lovely.