I had the sudden urge to paint on a larger canvas this week. The weather was crappy and not exactly conducive to dragging everything outside and the garage......... well, that's entirely another story which I'll save for later...... Tell me this was not daring. Crazy! OK. So I did lay down some plastic tarp and I probably should get some more to replace the garbage bag that hangs on the lavender wall.......... but, hey it IS the art studio. It worked and I haven't got paint on walls yet. So, this is a beginning of something........... who knows where it will go. And my houses- you know my affection for are two of them. which seem to be perfectly photographed on top of the 50 x 50 piece of plywood and against the garbage bag paint covered backdrop. This saw was not working for curves like this These are in progress. So I borrowed this. Now that's what i call building houses! lol. This experiment was also done in my studio which really should have been done in the garage as I had saw dust everywhere. Stubbornness and determination are sometimes stronger than smartness, but, hey I accomplished what I set out to do. What crazy thing have you dared to do with your art lately? Thanks for stopping in and as always, I so appreciate all your comments......................xoxoxo

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  1. I haven’t dared anything lately…….:( Can’t wait to see the ‘fancy’ houses!