Where I Was Before - MInus the Glamour Girls.

Because I am running in low gear after my work day today, I don't have something new to show you after yesterday's post. Actually, I haven't mustered the energy to climb upstairs to my studio yet and the longer I sit and think about what I could post, the more tired I become......... for those of you who still work day jobs to keep a roof over your head and or support your art habit needs, you know what I mean. Actually, I just want to sit and paste in the latest journal I showed you yesterday and then I will really be in relaxed mode. But wait! I find it interesting to see what I was doing a year ago on this date. This is what's in my "What's on my Art Table Now" folder a year ago today. I think I was somewhat influenced by Tracy Bautista's work minus the glamour girls. So out of that one page came I also think that's when I fell in love with the Bic White Out Pen. How about you? Do you happen look back and see how your art has changed in a year's time? Hoping things are ok where you are..... and thanks for sharing a moment or two with me. I'm headed to the Glue it Lounge for some tea......... or maybe Aimee will serve a glass of wine..............xoxo..........Jo


  1. I just came over from Jenniebellie's and so glad I did. I like your art and will be back to visit.

  2. I just keep reusing my old stuff to create more/new stuff! LOL I think they call that ‘leveraging’ your artwork. (No need to reinvent the wheel, as they say!)
    CONGRATULATIONS on being this week’s TAT over at Jennibellies blog! I knew it was you the minute I saw the thumbnail! Lookin’ good!