More Gluing and Recycling

I never seem to make it on time to Artsyville's Glue it Tuesday. I suppose better late than never. I find myself enjoying this process of gluing into a journal. In this case I'm sitting in the front seat of my new car the last several mornings with glue sticks and layers of torn paper on top of an already painted page. I finished it off with my own stamps. Since I am on this kick about using up scraps of my paper, this is where I find myself. One of my index cards I made with Daisy Yellow's index card a day challenge (ICAD) from last summer was used in the above piece. She's starts another challenge this June 1st and you can find out more about that here. I thoroughly enjoyed it last summer. I found that many of the pieces I did on an index card became the inspiration to larger pieces and for those days when I was just too tired or unmotivated I always felt like I had done some art because I had done my daily index card. Some of them ended up in a little book I made, some of them got torn up and used in other art work and some of them are still hanging on my art line across the room of my studio. I will again create some art on an index card for 61 days. And lastly, here is the progress on my houses, which also fits in to Glue It Tuesday. I am loving them but I also need to seriously clean up my studio. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I want so much to live in your houses! Please? Can I?

  2. I came back to see the houses! Love them! It looks like you're having a fun mess! ;)

  3. I love those houses! Don't worry about being were earlier than later in the week me