The True Object of All Human Life is Play.............~G.K.Chesterton

Still playing in the hard bound art journal. It's actually a Pro Art Sketchbook, once bought on sale and never used as a sketch book. I reinforced the pages by gluing every two pages together. Then I gessoed most of the pages as I was finding I was using a lot of paint, water color crayons, and markers. It's already getting heavy, the pages are pulling away from the spine. I feel as if I should name this journal. I can see how far I've come since my Moleskin 'IN THE VAN' journals. I've shown you the right side page before but it has changed somewhat and the left side is new. And you've seen the right page on this next one before, too, but it also, has evolved. The left side is new. I'm off from work tomorrow and looking forward to spending part of the day with my daughter. And then on Saturday I do my first 2 hour demo on art journaling at my local AC Moore store, hoping I can spark some interest in people coming back for 2 workshop sessions the following week. And of course there's still more ICADS to share with you. Stay tuned............ and thanks for stopping by............. jo


  1. How exciting! I’ll be sending you good vibes on Saturday!!!!! (and have fun with your daughter tomorrow)

  2. how true is this quote ..its great to play with colour and paint and I love the vibrancy of the colours you have used here..