5 Days

Here are 5 days of art on an index card. Yes! I'm caught up! Have you checked out the ICAD challenge Flickr page? There's a lot of cool art there. I have learned to be very resourceful in making these. I always have some index cards laying nearby where ever I am working. I can prep a lot at one time on the gelli plate or simply by throwing some paint and gesso down or using scraps of stuff laying around on the table (or the floor) and then raiding the scrap bin of torn papers etc. Adding some home made stamps and then sometimes taking them in the car before work I can add the doodling or last minute gluing with my glue stick. I have to remember to take my bag of markers and gel pens in to work since it's a about 100 degrees lately. Yes, I do art work in my car before work and it's sometimes very hard to leave the car, but it makes me a bit less cranky having taken the time for me to create at the beginning of the day rather than waiting until the end of a work day, when much of my energy has been used up. So, finding time for art can be done if you really want to do it. Thanks for visiting here.........Jo


  1. Cool, cool, cool, cool, and cool! That's five! :)

  2. These are delightful!! And you're being good to yourself by making the time for art. :-)

  3. These are super, I especially like the first, fourth and last (I tried for a favourite but couldn't choose).
    I was also interested in how you managed to fit in art-making.