More In the Garden

I seem to be creating a lot of art with flowers. I have decided to call it my "In the Garden" series. I like that you can use gesso and crayon as resist with water color and spray inks. Sometimes I do a bunch of throwing stuff down on lots of card stock at one time and forget about them. I'll forget what I have done. I'll come back to it at another time and it's sometimes pleasantly surprising. Like here. And here. I thought I had just picked up a plain white piece of cardstock because at first I didn't see the white gesso where I'd smeared and scraped in to it, nor the white crayon. I love the results when "slathered" with water color on top. In this ICAD I knowingly used the white crayon and water color. Started doodling some flowers and then left it. Declared it finished. Go here if you'd like to see more of my In the Garden Series. Thanks for stopping in.

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