The Finale

I got a lot of flack and warnings when I tried to down load Picasa onto my computer last night. Yes, Robin, you were right. I knew it was a "P" word but I just couldn't think of the word. I wanted to try a mosaic layout with all of the icads but decided to forgo it and just laid them out on the floor instead. Here are all of my 61 days. Here's a couple of close ups. It looks pretty cool to see them all together. It was rally a lot of fun and kept my creative juices flowing even if I wasn't always in the mood. Little pieces of art that can spark other, sometimes, bigger things. Thank you Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow for hosting yet another year of the icad challenge.


  1. Gee, sorry to hear Picasa gave you agita, but I like your ‘floor collage’!!

  2. Hi Jo In my quest for improving my cyber skills I asked a fellow blogger about putting together Mosaics.and she uses pixir which is free. Could this be what your thinking off? I haven't tried it yet. I missed out on that icad challenge. I may join in next year it looks lots of fun.