A Year Ago this Month

I had a big piece of...... foam board, I guess you'd call it, on my work table where it'd catch all the spills, wipes, testers, glue and paint blotches. Well, you know what I mean. This was the result of leaving it there for several months at least. I wanted to draw faces. No. I really wanted to paint faces and I did. And then, my inner critic jumped in and told me I didn't know "Jack" about drawing faces, much less how to paint them, and those women looked pretty sorry, if I was asking for an opinion. I wasn't. I slammed the door but knew I would leave this piece behind a few other pieces also waiting to be finished. And there it sat for an entire year as I convinced myself it really was a piece of garbage until a few days ago after I painted my "guardian angel/protector( who is going to keep my inner critic far away from me this year.) and who I discovered in Life Book's 2014 first lesson. I got brave again. I said," I can do this. I CAN do it better than I did before." So I started again. I actually got a bit excited. ha ha ha . I'll keep you posted on the progress. I got a really nice comment from a wonderful artist whose work I have long since admired, whose lovely delicate hand made books and journals, full of birds and faces, have always left me in awe. Seriously, you have to check her out. Her art is simply beautiful. I wish she would do an online workshop on how to make some of these wonderful little books. It was she who gave me the idea of creating art on a tea bag. Consequently, I have a habit now of drying tea bags. Thank you, Kim, for your kind comment. Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is staying warm.......................xoxoxo Jo

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  1. I really like both versions. But I can see how you’ve ‘grown’ since the first attempt. ♥♥♥