Here's Looking at You

Remember all those 5am "Morning Pages" faces I've been doing for a over a year? I decided I need to do something with them so yesterday I started laying them out on a 2 x 3 piece of plywood. I like that some of them are done with pan pastels and some with water color, however, I'm not sure if I should put a spray fixative on the pan pastels ones or if I needed to have had something underneath them to begin with. I have adhered the faces for now with masking tape until I am sure of the lay out. I need to fill in the empty spaces. When I figure out what to do with the pan pastels and the fixative I will feel better when I put a sealant on top. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? I had to chuckle when I was thinking of a title of this piece. How about "Somebody's Watching You, " or All Eyes on YOu. Or "That crowd of People." Ha ha ha .I am sure you could think of a few. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned.

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  1. I like this! Maybe tighten them up a bit to fill in the empty spaces?