Happy 2014 !!

I found some new inspiration to welcome in this new year. One of the things I found is this amazing artist who makes amazing books. Books of all kinds. I have followed some of her work on her website and on You Tube. Kiala Givehand is her name. I like her name, too! She has come out with an inspiration deck for mixed media. It's a deck of cards with a different prompt on each card. On one card the prompt might be to use spray inks on a page and then blot. On another card the prompt of adding a quote or using water color or adding ephemera. You can deal your self a certain number of cards and work only with those cards or pick out ones you want. I bought a deck and had a blast. It challenged me to work differently, more freely, and I used items I might not ordinarily use. I had so much fun with this process I forgot to take photos of every prompt. Here are a few I did remember to take. I followed the prompt of using spray inks and then blot with a paper towel. I added collage pieces. I added stamps and added a border. I drew something. I thought I was done.The last prompt was to add a quote. I had to sit on this for a couple of days and then ran across one that resonated with me at the time. I really like how this turned out. I have no doubt if I want to create something quickly and without a lot of thinking or staring at an empty white page, I will pick up this mixed media card game/deck. But do check out Kiala Givehand who is not only a book artist but also a poet and creativity coach. I will share more adventures in the days to come. I feel excited and energized with the new year here. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Thanks for the link! I got lost for over an hour! (I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not....{{wink,wink}})
    Still loving your wonderful colors! ♥♥♥

  2. This is awesome. I love Kiala Givehand...and I also love the inspiration has definitely helped me diversify my pages...especially when I am in a rute.