The Balcony Scene

Today is my birthday. I won't tell you which birthday it is. I share my birthday with my "womb mate" twin brother, John. Last year you may recall seeing the birthday card I made him. My twin brother decided in his 50th yr he wanted to become a police officer. And I'm not sure but I think we both hated the bologna sandwiches in our lunches growing up which is where the idea for that card came from. This year I made an envelope out of a copy of one of my art papers. I enclosed a print of another piece of my work. I mailed it on Saturday and he still has not received it. I told him that was not cool and it was my feeling that perhaps someone really liked the envelope and wanted to keep it for themselves and that he should perhaps arrest them......... hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.....Here we are performing the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet.................. Thanks for visiting............Jo


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (to both of you!) Hope you had a 'fantabulous' day, without bologna sandwiches! :)

  2. Happy birthday to you and your brother!!!
    Best Beate