One Dollar

I hope you had a good weekend. A creative weekend. I spent a good amount of time playing. I started with this ****************Painted them.************They became this. I might add some wings to the backs of them. I might see how they look slid over a red candle. I can see them on a mantle or on a Christmas tree. I also finished the front and back covers of my children's board book from The Dollar Store which I've been showing you the last several posts. Tell me what you think? You can view the other pages in previous posts. At least I can say I have finished something. Yay!! One last thing. I was delighted to view Balzer Designs post on Friday to find Julie had "featured" one of the pages of my Dollar Store book on her website for her Art Journal Everyday. Caught me by surprise.......... Thanks for visiting. Do come


  1. Whoo Hoo! Good for you! It’s nice to get a virtual high five.
    I see these ladies as the ‘Three Wise Women’ in the nativity….. ;)

  2. great recycling idea.. found this once I think at Alma Stollers? Blog but never tried it ...
    I made a lot of cats many years ago with my daughter out of the rolls....
    Your book cover looks fab and congrats on you beeing featured - how cool- wow !