Traveling Post Cards

I mailed the post card to Lizzy in Russia this morning. I forgot I was supposed to put the post card ID number on it. Figures. My first international post card and I didn't do it right. Oh well. The site said to email the member to be on the look out. I can't wait to hear that she received it. I also mailed a post card to my friend Jeanine in North Carolina .
And I mailed a post card to Chris Dunmire who has invited people to help celebrate her birthday with her. She writes that for all of her 39 yrs she never celebrated her birthday and now at 40 she has finally decided to do so. I have followed Creativity Portal for the last 5 yrs or more, enjoying an abundance of resources and information. So, here's a person I have never met before. I am happy for her that she has made this choice to celebrate herself. Happy Birthday, Chris!


  1. Wow! these are so good...I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled with them.

  2. Postcard love! This is great! (So, should I expect mine soon? LOL)