Flip Flops

Traci Bunkers shows a video on her site on how to make stamps from flip flops. How cool is that? I didn't have any old flip flops laying around so off I went to the Dollar Store, which didn't have any out yet, and then to Wally World where I found a $1.00 pair. I then had to invest in a heat tool and was happy to find one on sale at Michaels. So, here is what I made from a pair of flip flops.
Here are the stamps on paper.
Did you notice? I finally learned how to link? Yay for me!! Let's see if I can do it again. Visit Traci Bunkers site. I think she's a pretty neat artist and she has a lot to share.

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  1. Very COOL stamps! (and yay for learning how to link! LOL)