Showing Up Continued

Wow!! After numerous attempts of trying to figure out why I couldn't upload images on Blogger I downloaded Google Chrome That downloading button took off like a whirling dervish.... like there was no tomorrow. Thank you, Robin, for putting that little bug in my ear. You must know by now I am not particularly patient when it comes to these kinds of challenges. I wanted to throw my computer out the window. So, as I was saying, about the altered book.. The above is a couple more pages I have begun to play with. Gessoed( with some scratch marks) first and then watercolor on top.
And here I outlined another flower with a glue gun, leaving some of the black and white images visible through the gesso. The red flower is painted with Luminaire Silk glaze paints, which I had on my list of things forever wanting to try. Again, it's all playing and experimenting.
oops. I downloaded this picture twice. Do you think I would risk trying to delete it and take a chance on wiping out too many little things that make this post complete? No way. Moving on.........
Be Brave. Be Nobody but Yourself.... in case you had trouble reading this. I'm not too crazy about this. I liked it better before I started adding the lettering, which I tried to do with stamps, too big. I didn't figure the placement right..... I had to draw the D and the Y . Too much red, maybe? I dunno. Maybe I'll leave it for awhile and come back to it and cover it up with gesso or try to fix the lettering. Just goes to show you how we sometimes don't like our end results. But hey, I did show up.
I do like these two pages from IN THE VAN book, which is nearly finished. The tree is from a stencil I drew, and I like the grainy look of the paint. Can you tell how I did this? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You have a beautiful style and I really like it. :) My mommy is an artist too, but she has never worked with Gesso before.

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  2. I just love your trees! And the red flower POPS!