Showing Up

I have no problem showing up.. going to my studio, making wonderful messes. I have not been good about sharing what I've been showing up for. Sometimes life has a way of making it so. Here's what I've been showing up for.
I've begun to alter a book. It's an old book on photography techniques from the 1950's, thick pages and when I covered the pages with gesso I left some of the images visible because I could see them becoming new ideas. I outlined the flower images with a glue gun and then threw some paint on top. It's all an experiment at this point. It seems at the moment I am unable to upload any more images for this post. Blogger must be blogging some where else. I will try again later.


  1. Hi Jo, I really like the idea of altering a book this way and nice to see what you have started here. Look forward to seeing more pages as long as blogger will cooperate!

  2. Very cool so far. Can’t wait to see more!