Showing Up

We must show up for our own life.
Be brave, be messy. Be loud. Be strong.
Trust yourself.
~Sabrina Ward Harrison

I am just having a blast. What more can I say? Finding "nifty" things like plastic lids, metal lids, cheapo foam shapes from "Wally World" for stamping. Lots of color, collaged peices from my own art, more paint, more collage.. layers and layers. I dunno what I will do with these yet...... maybe more mail art, lol., maybe not.

I was working on four peices of cardstock at once-orginally thinking mail art and then I taped them together to take this picture. They just seemed to belong together.

If you would like a piece of mail art from me you can email me with your snail mail address, especially to the latest person who is following my blog. :)

Hoping you are having a peaceful day.

1 comment:

  1. They do go together! Loving the color palette on this one!