Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Being an artist means ceasing to take seriously that very serious person we are when we are not an artist. ~Jose Ortega Y Gassett
I have been sitting on these images of these ladies for awhile. They were sent to me,royalty free or open downloads, or whatever you call them. The original photo had about 5-6 ladies but I cut out three. I couldn't help but wonder a lot of questions about the origin of this photo. Secret girlfriend society. Pajama party? Girls had too much to drink party? A play? I decided if I were to put myself in that photo, this is what I'd want the backdrop to look like. Kind of a secret garden. A secret garden of silliness, fun and laughter with a few good women friends.
So, I put them on a heavy layered page of gesso and acrylic paint and then ran with it. The more balloons and flowers I added, the more they seemed to smile. They were happy and so am I. I'm not sure this is done. I get the feeling since I've viewed it here. it needs more........... maybe white pen with "girls just wanna have fun." More lettering...more something... I dunno. We shall see. What do you think? Does this picture make you happy? Happy Day!! Jo

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  1. Yes, this makes me smile! I’m not sure if it needs more or not. I’d let it sit for a while and see if it says it needs more.