Art Says "I Am."

"Creativity is medicine. It is not dangerous or egotistical.
It is life affirming and essential. The more we use it, the
more steadily, readily and easily we use it. The "healthier"
we are."
~Julia Cameron

This is a work MY MAN and I collaborated on back in June. It's about 16x15 plywood and hangs over my computer desk.

Recently I left a few pieces on MY MAN's work table for him to add to. He passed them back to me and then I passed them back to him. That's how we work or have so far. We may pass it back and forth several times before one of us decides it's done. The rule is: there are no rules. But there are a lot of chuckles and it's another way to keep us connected and have fun.

When we've accumulated enough maybe we'll put them all on a large piece of wood to hang somewhere in the house.... if there are still any empty walls left.


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  2. What a great way to collaborate! One artist ‘sparking’ off the other! Beautiful work!