I have kept a very large sketchbook in my car for several years. Must have been that I began some work in it at home and then began to continue unfinished pages in the morning before work. Why I thought I could manipulate this large book on my lap under the steering wheel,(and juggle my coffee mug) is a mystery. Eventually, I forgot about the book and it lay buried in a catch-all junk milk crate that sits behind my seat. I found it the other day and came across a page that I had begun with gluing torn images down with a glue stick. Glue sticks are small. They work well in the car.
I brought the book back to the studio this weekend and started throwing paint down over the glued pieces. I discovered that metallic acrylic paint looks kind of cool when another acrylic is rubbed in on top of it. Added some more of my own torn and shredded pieces, scribbled on top of everything with a white Sakura pen, added more collaged layers and doodled some more. I finished it with some 10 year old red glitter that barely wanted to come out of the tube.
I am happy with this. I like the colors. They feel good. I am reminded that even in winter cold, things are happening, that budding and blooming will begin again. And that I am budding and blooming again.


  1. WOW! This is WONderful! I love the colors! I so admire your collages!

  2. This is great Jo. Like the way you have added different mediums to it and given it so much depth.

  3. Thank you, Ann. Thank you, Robin. :)