Mail Art

These three peices were all done at the same time. I gave myself 5 or ten minutes for each task, which gave me no time for perfection, no changing, no rearranging. My challenge was to NOT make things pretty. I just wanted to go with it, moving along with no thought or planning. On cardstock I wrote in large scribble as fast as I could with whatever thoughts came into my head. Then I threw down three colors of paint on top of the writing. I grabbed about 20 pieces of collage material, but don't think I used it all. I then found anything I could use to stamp or make marks with, other than an actual stamp. I used the a tin lid off a small box that have housed buttons in for the last 10 years, a foam flower cut out,and the cap to my small water spritzer bottle. I used a large sharpie marker to write or doodle with my left hand so it looked very childlike. The last thing was to cut out bits of either words or phrases.
I thought these looked kind of cool so I cut them up into 5x7 pieces. I think I might make them into mail art. Stay tuned.

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  1. Cool, Jo! Very intuitive! They would make great mail art!