Building Rainbows

Meeting a deadline is new to me in the art world. I used to have to meet deadlines in college with terms papers and projects. I used to have to meet a deadline when I was choreographing a project as a dance major in college or a rehearsal. I had a due date when I was pregnant with twins nearly twenty one years ago. The first art deadline I had to meet was a deadline with The Sketchbook Project Journal. I have met that in terms of finishing it but have yet to mail it. So, when someone says challenge it does mean you are committed to trying to meet that deadline.

I work a full time job. I have artistic collaborations with MY MAN. I don't know why I was so leery about this. I was the mother of twins. I had to be a multi-tasker raising two children, working a full time job, running a household, all as a single parent. What on earth was I afraid of? Not meeting the deadline.
Tammy at DaisyYellow has so many wonderful ideas and so willing to share them with others. She is bursting with creativity. She has a challenge to make something in a different color everyday. OMG!! I thought it said this color and this color. When I went back and reread it said this color OR that color. Oops!!

Ordinarily, I don't care for orange by itself, unless it falls on pumpkins, flowers, sunsets, or autumn trees. I mean it's not a color I would ordinarily choose on the paint palette. I had two room mates in college that loved orange. Don't ask me to choose orange in anything to decorate my home. No towels, draperies, bedspreads or rugs. I seriously do not believe I own one item of clothing that is truely orange. So, as I was choosing a color for my little peice of rainbow I chose yellow with some orange. After realizing it was only to be one color or the other, I drew an expletive under my breath and set about pulling out all the implements of orange "destruction" I could find. I had to meet a deadline!! As I finished it up I couldn't resist "Orange you glad you did it?" And thanks to Tammy at DaisyYellow for supporting my addiction to working with index cards.
And so while my computer skills are not 100% up to par I hope I can properly link this to what I am supposed to link it to.

Here is my offering for Orange/Yellow building rainbows.


  1. Jo, What a cool card! It's funny that when I went to do my yellow page I actually had this need to add bits of orange!

  2. Interesting challenge. Orange isn't one of my favorites either. You did a great job with a color you don't really care for!

  3. that's lovely! I really like the energy

  4. great piece. "implements of orange destruction" - lol!

  5. Orange - a difficult colour to work did it proud!