Wish Upon a Star.................

Wish upon a star.............. and leave it hanging there

I had such fun with this. I painted the background with both acrylic and water color and found the original "paper doll" cutouts I made as a child, scanned them, cut them out and then altered them with prisma color and gel pens. The squared colored pieces of cardstock were made with a brayer and acrylic and then I just doodled the rest. Kind of gives me a bit of a chuckle and a grin. *** The photo is of the artist a couple of yrs ago (when she decided it was no longer necessary to cover the silver threads) grinning at MY MAN.

Thanks for everyone's comments about the Building Rainbows "Orange card." Please visit again.

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  1. Jo, your collages always have so much vivacity and energy in them! (I’m just slightly envious! LOL)