Seeing Things Differently

So, one of the things I wanted to do this year was learn to draw. I finally got my hands on and have been devouring Danny Gregory's book The Creative License. Last year I altered a cheapo calendar planner from the Dollar Store and every morning in the car before work, I documented by life with tidbits of journaling and bits of art. It felt good to me to do a little art before I went into work. I will show you that finished book at another post. Now I am starting from scratch, learning to draw, learning to see things differently. I found in the last two weeks, I cannot finish a drawing in one session- it takes one session to sketch it out and another to add some color to it, and, I really have no idea how to work with watercolor, so I really am just experimenting and playing. It's quite different for me. It tests my patience. I am so used to slathering, spreading, throwing down some paint. But I want to illustrate what's going on in my life or my day, along with some tidbits of journaling. So here is what I've started with. Please excuse the poor photographs. It is night as I am photographing and posting and the lighting is not very good. So, there you have my humble beginnings of illustrating my life. I am linking to Paint Party Friday. Go hereif you want to see lots of wonderful art and a friendly, supportive place to be. Thanks for visiting here. I hope you have a peaceful weekend......Jo

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