Art On A Tile

A couple of posts ago I showed you this. I collaged strips of painted deli paper and then doodled with paint markers to finish it off. I did another one this weekend and tried my best to document the process. The photography is mostly done in the evening so the lighting is not great but ok. These tiles are ones that were left in a closet when I moved in to my house about 10 yrs ago. I first coated them with gesso because of the tile being very glossy. I gathered pieces of deli paper that I had done on the gelli plate and started playing, tearing and glued them down with matte medium. Until I arrived at this. I don't like this one nearly as much as the first one, I think because the paper is not distressed enough. It doesn't have that blended look. It's not what I was after but it's what I ended up with. Still was fun. I think I will try painting more on the tile first and then perhaps add some collage. I've got about 10-12 more tiles to play with. It's nearly time to start collaging the pumpkins. Thanks for stopping by.