In The Moment

I am making my way through Lifebook 2014. I say making my way but not doing every single week's project. Some weeks I just plain miss or skip. One of the week's was Traci Baustista's class called In the Moment. I did this at least a few week's ago by now, but what I remember most about this, which is why I like her work, is it was very relaxed, very messy. She really encourages play and play with found things in which to make marks. There is so much out there in terms of stamps and stencils today, it almost feels like sometimes that one is made to feel one's art is not complete or as good as when you use the latest stencil or stamp. Don't get me wrong. I love stencils and stamps but it gets to feeling so commercial. I would rather make my own or find my own mark making things. That's what she encourages and demonstrates. I also like the grungy, sort of graffiti look in her art. To me, it's just plain fun and simple. Here is my take on her assignment. I am trying to hang on to that "in the moment feeling." Trying not to plan, look too far ahead, or worry about the outcome. I think it works sometimes, but not always. Sometimes, in your heart, you just know, when something's not right. Thanks for stopping by.