You Kept a Dream in Your Heart

"You kept a dream in your heart for a reason. Honor it by trying one more time." ~ author unknown I've had this quote on a post it note stuck to the mirror of my dresser for at least two years. It kind of got hidden, slipping down into the space between the mirror and the wood. I pulled it up and out. I am usually very good at writing down the author, but in this case, I'm sorry I do not know. I do know that it speaks to me and perhaps it does you, as well. I put it here. I used a "mish mash" of stuff on this page. I sprayed it. I used bits of mostly my own torn papers. I used some strips of home made washi tape that I had made on the gelli plate a while back. If you have no idea what I am talking about here it is. (basically) I took some clear packing tape and laid it on the painted gelli plate. I used the gelli plate as a canvas, painting and making marks, let it dry, (I think over night) and then slowly lifted the tape off to reveal whatever was on the plate. It sticks to the tape. I've used it in a lot of pieces of my art. Moving on to what is on the page. I cut out a heart from a piece of lined paper, I made marks obviously with markers and the scribbles are again, from my attempt at making acrylic skins with tulip paint. **************************************************************************************************************** Continuing on with the ICAD Challenge. So, the house card was made using a bunch of stickers from the .25 bin at AC Moore eons ago. So long ago I wasn't sure whether there was enough stickiness left. I didn't like the blue background so I cut the house out and put in on another card and then journaled a bit on the side. The next card was a gessoed background, acrylic paint, some stickers and pieces of stickers. If you look hard you will see the words music and the bow from the violin which is leaning up against the house of the previous card. I made it into a stand up bass instead of a violin. ha ha ha. I added a piece of a torn book page, and the grid lines were made from the bottom of a flip flop. The third card was made with a gelli plate background, a tag on top with some doodled flowers cut out and glued onto a water colored background. Some journaling. Whew!! I hope you are enjoying these mini canvases. And thank you so much for all your wonderful kind comments. It really feels good and keeps me coming back. Thanks for visiting here.......................xoxoxo Jo P.S I am linking this here (on Friday.)


  1. Flip flops! You are so clever! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Jo these are all so the color combos! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Lovely pages and that homemade washi tape technique sounds fun.
    Thanks for visiting and the canvas size is 6"x12". I love that shape but you have to think more about the composition. Looking at the painting at the stage it is now I think the size and position of the girl is all wrong. I think I will have to make some changes.

  4. You've been busy! love the different pieces you created and the way you made them. Those flipflop lines look great :-)

  5. These are really wonderful. The quote is a good one too.