Creative Wildfire

I found the book Creative Wildfire, by L.K.Ludwig on Amazon used, for next to nothing a long time ago and recently pulled it off my shelf because I needed some inspiration. It is a very basic book, an introduction to art journaling, with lots of very basic information and examples from various artists. The best part which I hadn't noticed when I first got the book (and then sort of forgot about) was in the back of the book, tucked in a flap of the back cover was a recycled blank journal, the left overs from the printing process. How sweet is that?! This is a page I did in that blank journal using some scraps laying on my table, doodling, acrylic skins, and some paint. I just played. And I am now caught up with ICADS as of today. Here are the next 5 icads. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I just love your color palettes. Have I said this before......LOL Seriously, you have a real 'eye' for color and combinations. ♥♥♥

  2. I love this book and always keep it handy for inspiration. Love your ICAD work!!!

  3. Your ICAD's are mini works of art!!