ICADS #4 and 5 and Thinking about Christmas

Here's another ICAD. I scraped some gesso on a bunch of index cards last weekend and then scraped and made marks in to the gesso, then had some fun with some spray inks. I saw another little scene. I think I will add some birds. It's funny what things you see after you take the picture and upload it.I think why did I not see that before? And I've been thinking about Christmas. Not in a materialistic-let's-go- buy- gifts kind of way, but in my continuation of making home made ornaments. I want to make a bunch for my tree and for gifts, and I told myself I wasn't going to wait until the last minute this year. So, when ever I want to get rid of scraps and stuff, I get out my ornament box. Since I had some glitter out I made this ICAD. The tree was drawn on top of a painty piece of waxed paper which was glued down onto the index card. Thanks for visiting here.


  1. Can you add me to your gift-list? These are wonderful!

  2. ICAD landscapes! Brilliant! ♥♥♥♥