Something Old

I've shared with you how I do art in the morning in the car before work. And I've mentioned my trials and tribulations about certain supplies that you cannot leave in your art bag in the car in certain weather conditions. For example you cannot leave water color crayons or glue in a hot car in the middle of the day here in Virginia in 90 degree weather. I have to think ahead about what supplies I want to bring according to what I want to work on. I found a really old box of Prisma color art sticks that was probably one of the first art supplies I ever bought and very rarely used. This box has to be at least 20 yrs old.Sorry the photo is slightly blurry, I tried them on an art journal page this morning, one that had already been gessoed with some early drawn faces. I smeared some art sticks all over the page and used a water brush. I pretty good substitute for water color crayons which would have melted somewhat in the car. I'm still working on these two. I'm having fun with all the layering. Lastly, here is another ICAD. A gessoed back ground with spray inks on top. Some doodling, a piece of recycled baby wipe, and a sticker. Pretty simple. It's called grab anything laying around your work space and cut it,glue it or throw it down on that index card. Almost one month through this ICAD challenge. I think I'm having more fun this year that previously, because I'm not taking my self too seriously. I'm just playing and having fun. You can too!

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  1. Thank you for my color fix! I feel better now......sigh. :)