A New Journal

I was cleaning out some closets recently and came across this old photo album. I could've tossed it in the trash or put it in the "garage sale" pile but I saw something else. I took a bunch of the pages out, removed the plastic and started playing. There's a good amount of pages in this photo album so this will become a fat new journal for playing in. I am working on laying down a bunch of backgrounds for now so it's easier to come back to a page that already has something on it. I also like that I can take pages out and work on them without having to lug the entire book around. We are in the midst of a snow/ice storm here. I hope wherever you are that you are safe and warm. Tomorrow I will show you the 52 card project I've been working on but haven't had a chance to show you since I've been involved with Lifebook 2014 (which I am behind in) and then jumped in to the 29 faces challenge at the last minute. Thanks for visiting................ jo

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  1. Your pages look yummy and inviting! Stay warm! :)