Where Does The Time Go?

Doesn't this look like a fishing tackle box? Wait. Here's another bad photograph. I've never been fishing a day in my life. It is a fishing tackle box. I thought it very ingenious of me to use it as a onthecouchwatchingNetflixmovies kind of thing. I thought it would be cool to limit supplies. Limit paint, use the cheap craft paint, limit markers, etc. You know, create with the bare essentials. It's got so many compartments I can't find anything. Most things get dumped in the bottom.I think if I would take the time to organize it better it just might work. These were made for my Lifebook 2014 class. I'm having trouble keeping up but that's ok. I had some fraudulent activity on my bank account. That was NOT ok so I had to deal with that. Yes, this is the same picture as the one above but more filled in. Continuing to work on background pages in this recycled photo album. That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by............................... jo

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  1. Your innate sense of color knocks my socks off! Every time I try to ‘imitate’ your style it comes out so flat and just wrong….. sorry to hear about your bank account. Hope you got it straightened out.