I have finished three pieces at the same time. Whooee!! I can't say that often. You've seen this one before at various stages...before and during the 29 faces challenge. This began as this. on a piece of cardboard. Sorry. This picture is blurry but I wanted to show you the progression. It then became this where I thought it might be finished. And I kind of liked it at this point and I thought about putting it in a cheap frame or mounting it on a cheapo canvas but it was such an odd size I couldn't do either. Hence the challenge of cutting it up so it would fit on a canvas. I reworked it and then added the "acrylic skins." That stuff is so hard to work with in my opinion. I think it's the equivalent of making saran wrap and you know how that stuff sticks together if you don't get it on something in one full swoop. I liked the look of the doodling the skins gave but had no more patience to separate the skins from the plastic page protector so I went ahead and doodled with a black marker. I finished it with the inks splatters so she looks like this now. I can now hang her on the wall. Do you like it? Tell me what you think. I'm still deciding on a title or name for her. Although I am late getting to the party I am sharing this over here.

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  1. I like her very much! You were right, she looked finished but what you added makes her POP! Hmmmm…..could her name be Francesca….?