The Big Tree

The last time I showed you the big tree it looked like this. I think it's nearly finished. It now looks like this. You know the hardest part of gluing this was not about using the hot glue gun, as much as it was remembering on what spot/branch I was supposed to be gluing the leaf. By the time I filled the back of the leaf with the glue while carefully holding it with tweezers (actually old jewelers forceps,) and looked up ready to quickly place it down, I couldn't remember where the heck I was supposed to be putting it. Is that lame or what? I'll let you know when it's finished. I love trees and love them in art. The time for raking won't be too long. Thanks for visiting here. Hope you are well................xoxo jo ************I am linking to Aimee's Place because there's a lot of gluing going on here.


Peeling the Layers

It is our un-mourned losses that become the scar tissue of the heart.~julia cameron. A pretty powerful sentence. A new art journal page.......... I hesitated to put this up because at first it seemed so dismal. Maybe when I sketched out my girl I was feeling an un-mourned loss. This page is full of layers. Maybe I've been peeling away the layers of scar tissue. We so often only show the happy stuff in our lives and I think it takes courage to share the not so happy stuff along with the not so happy art. But it's all part of who we are or are finding out who we are. And it's ok. Thanks for visiting here. I hope you've had a good week.Thanks for all your wonderful comments. It's part of why I keep showing up here. Thanks for visiting...................xoxoxo jo I am linking today with Art Journal Every Day and the art journaler group at Flickr.


Little Houses Are Not the Same

I finished my little wooden houses. I designed and cut the shapes and away I went. Here's a closeup picture. I'm going to place these in my Etsy shop when I have it running again, which I hope will be by the end of the week. In the meantime if you spy one that you would like before it reaches the Etsy shop, please let me know. These houses need some good homes with lovable artists. I'm going to attach some thin wire on the back so they can be hung if desired. I think they'd look great on a mantle as well. I had major fun with these but did find it hard to know when to stop. Isn't it weird how when you leave something alone for awhile or photograph it, you find something else it needs? It just starts talking to you. I'm going to have to make more. I can feel it. I am so enjoying this staycation. Lots of creative time, good food time and relaxation........thanks for coming by...........I hope you are well......................and thanks, as always for your wonderful supportive comments..............................xoxoxoxo jo


Wear Your Own

This is my latest work. I must tell you I am pleased with this but wish that I had done this on canvas instead of in a journal. I guess I'll have to try and reproduce it on a larger scale.Does that happen to you? This was done with gelli plate background and bits of my torn images. The lace was gifted to me by my "fairy godmother" a while back and I am happy to have found a spot for it here. I am having a staycation this week from work. I have a lot of projects I'd like to finish, some collaborations to share, and birthdays to celebrate. Thanks for visiting here. Your comments are very supportive. Thank you...............xoxo Jo. ****************************************************************************************** I am linking to the wonderful Artsyville since there's a lot of gluing happening on this page and some other places by the end of the week.


Still in Progress

Still working on bunches of projects. I want to finish some of them this next week when I have off from work. It's going to be a wonderful staycation with lots of creative stuff. Remember the tree collaboration with MY MAN? It's on a 40 x 50 piece of plywood. It's coming a long quite nicely. Last I checked no one was able to figure out what the tree/branches were made with. Thanks for stopping


Finding My Way

Strange not to be working on index cards....... I am meeting some new faces in my art journal.........still feels a bit strange.. I am finding my way. Thanks for stopping in. Hope you had a good weekend. Linking to Artsyville's Glue it Tuesday and Balzer Designs (on the appropriate days) and Carolyn Dube's August Gelli Print Party.


The Big Picture

Remember my showing you this? This challenge of working on a large canvas? This is how it started. Ok. Love the color. But too busy. Too much going on. Try to tone it down. I still don't have any clue as to where I am going but I am hoping the painting will tell me. It did.And it changed again in less than 24 hours. I am learning a lot about working on a canvas this size, or should I say, a piece of wood. For example it's a good idea to gesso the wood before painting. You have to remember that when you are a very short person even though you have long arms, it will be difficult and you may need things like step stools and ladders, or least be able to lay it down on the floor. And while it seems wonderful to use spray paint along with other types of acrylic, it's probably ok until you let the painting tell you where it wants to go, and you have to cover up the paint job you already have. I will keep you posted........ Thanks for your comments and for stopping by..........................................xox jo


Getting My Feet Wet

This is kind of different for me. I don't know how I arrived at this - this art with journaling. I think it's the "foo-foo" woman who jumped onto the page that bugged me. It's so unlike me to put her there. I mean I really didn't want to letter, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," but I wanted to. She needed to have more substance. 'Nuf said. Thanks for stopping by.......... Hope you had a good weekend................... Jo ** linking to the Carolyn Dube's Place,Glue it Lounge tomorrow and at Balzer Designs Art Journal Every Day on Friday(if I remember that by the end of the week.) lol.