The Big Tree

The last time I showed you the big tree it looked like this. I think it's nearly finished. It now looks like this. You know the hardest part of gluing this was not about using the hot glue gun, as much as it was remembering on what spot/branch I was supposed to be gluing the leaf. By the time I filled the back of the leaf with the glue while carefully holding it with tweezers (actually old jewelers forceps,) and looked up ready to quickly place it down, I couldn't remember where the heck I was supposed to be putting it. Is that lame or what? I'll let you know when it's finished. I love trees and love them in art. The time for raking won't be too long. Thanks for visiting here. Hope you are well................xoxo jo ************I am linking to Aimee's Place because there's a lot of gluing going on here.


  1. Loving this. I can't imagine the amount of patience you must have!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! LOL I forget too, but then it's a happy accident, right?