The Big Picture

Remember my showing you this? This challenge of working on a large canvas? This is how it started. Ok. Love the color. But too busy. Too much going on. Try to tone it down. I still don't have any clue as to where I am going but I am hoping the painting will tell me. It did.And it changed again in less than 24 hours. I am learning a lot about working on a canvas this size, or should I say, a piece of wood. For example it's a good idea to gesso the wood before painting. You have to remember that when you are a very short person even though you have long arms, it will be difficult and you may need things like step stools and ladders, or least be able to lay it down on the floor. And while it seems wonderful to use spray paint along with other types of acrylic, it's probably ok until you let the painting tell you where it wants to go, and you have to cover up the paint job you already have. I will keep you posted........ Thanks for your comments and for stopping by..........................................xox jo


  1. WOW! I liked it to begin with but this is stunning! I like where it is taking you.

  2. I like it! How big is the piece of wood?