What's On My Table Tonight- The Woodcrest Palate

I thought about titling this post 'What's on My Work Table' but I decided to start posting what is on my dinner table once a week. MY MAN is a wonderful cook. No other way to say it. One way to a woman's heart, at least this woman's heart, is to have a man who knows how to cook well. By cooking well, I mean he knows about seasoning and spices, other than salt and pepper, who knows how to cook healthy and pretty much knows how to whip up a meal with next to nothing. He never prepares the same dish exactly the same the next time. He invents his own seasoning mixes, buys us wild caught fish,and makes us all kinds of fresh juices. I occasionally whine a bit about the clean up but when most of the time, he does wash the heavy pots and pans, I find I have very little to complain about. After I started eating tonight I grabbed the camera. The photo is not worthy of a fine cuisine magazine but what's on it certainly is. So, what's on my plate is wild caught shrimp lightly breaded with flour/egg and a seasoning of dried mustard, curry, garlic and sauteed in olive oil, broccoli florets pan seared in olive oil and heirloom tomatoes also lightly breaded with the same as the shrimp. Is your mouth watering now? Aren't you impressed? Maybe this will give you some ideas on what to prepare for dinner one night. Bon

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  1. My mouth IS watering! FRIED TOMATOES! Yum! You are a lucky girl!