Burning Wood

I love thrift stores, yard and garage sales, flea markets and church rummage sales. I have found some pretty cool "stuff" over the years. About a month ago I found a pair of wooden salad servers for .75 cents. On the same day I had a coupon for 50% off at a local art store and so I took advantage of getting something I'd been spying for awhile. The salad servers now look like this after I had fun with a wood burning tool. I found it's not as easy as I imagined. There's several different tips for different kinds of marks you want to make. And you do need to let the tips cool down before you change them. I went to the garage and found some old boards- slats, I think they're called, that were under someone's bed at one time. I can use to practice on. Some patience is necessary but I found it a nice change from some of the other art I've been doing and I rather like the faint smell of fan blown burnt wood in my studio. Thanks for

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  1. You're right, the smell is the best part! Cute tongs! :D