Doodling My Way

As I have previously mentioned I'm making my way though some of the workshops over at 21 Secrets and picking up some new ideas and information, not to mention having some fun as well. I have finished Cathy Bluteau's 'Doodling Our Way' class where she suggests we build and doodle around flowers cut out from magazines. I took it one step further and drew flowers from my own painted papersand built around them. I love Copic markers (which is what Cathy Bluteau used) but don't have many of them so I enhanced my color with water color crayons. And while I finished this project, I'm not oohing and ahhing over it. Maybe I'm critiquing it far too much, but it didn't turn out the way I had imagined it. Nonetheless, it was fun so I'll probably do it again. And just for fun, here is what I was doing a year ago on this date. I have to chuckle because it still looks the same today. Perhaps I might do something with it. I almost like it better than what I just showed you. It feels a lot more free. .............Thanks for stopping

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