About 18 mos ago I started a project of altering a deck of cards. I showed some of them to you here here and here. Since one of my goals for myself this year was to finish some projects before I started another (yeah right), I have done just that with with my Project 52. It was a good way to challenge myself, use up scraps and work smaller, which at times was ok (Like art in the car) but at other times, not. Like I lost or misplaced some cards and had to buy another deck. I didn't like some of them so some cards have been altered as many as three times. I can see how some of my art has changed and know exactly how/what I was feeling/doing just by looking at these mini canvases. I gessoed, painted, stamped, used up scraps directly on the cards. Sometimes I just plain glued down something I'd already done on deli paper or used that as a background for inspiration. Sometimes I was bored with the cards and left them for dead for awhile. Some I really like and some I can just let go. So, once again.......... here are the first few. I will catch up and pass the "here, here and here," for those of you who have already seen them. The bear is my mother's childhood teddy bear. I dearly love it. I needed this month long break from blogging. To refuel, to nurture me, to help my mother pack up her house. You know........ life and **** happens. I'm on a roll again. Thanks for visiting and please come back. P.S I am now on Instagram under jogatheringwild so if you would care to follow me there I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.


  1. These are lovely little works of art Jo. Welcome back.

  2. Glad to see you back. I was exactly the same way with my icads. I can even see the different styles that showed up in little cloisters of art. I didn't like a lot of them... but some I loved... it is kind a mirror to the soul in a very strange way...not so much the words or art...but the expression of it! I know there have been struggles lately I can hear it in your words and art... I'm wishing you beautiful things ahead!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Welcome back! Missed you! Love the cards and you mom's Teddy!

  4. Each of these is fabulous with a lovely design. Is the very nice teddy holding his favourite one? It might be mine too.