Loose Pages

I have a lot of art done on loose pages over the years, mostly on cardstock. I wanted at some point to purchase a binding machine but have not yet made a decision which one. I happened to be at Kinkos one day and was reminded that they bind things into a spiral journal. They charge by the thickness of the paper. So, for under $10.00 I had 18 loose pages counting the front and back cover (which they provided) bound in to an instant journal. Here are few of the pages. The nice man at KInkos was confused as to why some of the page were left blank. I told him those pages would eventually be filled up. I took it home and decorated the front and back covers. I know there are way more "cooler" ways to book bind, it takes time, patience and practice, which I don't always have, this seemed to work for an instant journal for not much money. I can pick it up and work on it as I feel like it. Next time I will take some smaller pages and see how that works with a smaller size journal. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. So much easier (and cheaper?) than getting a binding machine. I've been looking into one and can't decide which one either! Think maybe I'll have to run to Kinkos! PS your comments at Pink House no longer forward to my email...... so I'm not ignoring you, just don't know how to get them to my inbox so I can respond. :(

  2. Great idea, Jo! I like your instant journal. The last photo has wonderful purples and yellows. The right hand side looks positively oriental.