Artistic Embroidery

Because of my nearly one month absence due to my MIA computer and then more computer issues, I have not been able to share with you some of my work inspired by the latest 21 Secrets workshop. I have thoroughly enjoyed Paivi Eerola's Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper. Seriously, I find this gal's work pretty amazing, not to mention her very interesting background. I found her website full of "eye candy," and found myself pretty inspired to use my colored pencils and listen to music more when creating. Here is my take on her offering. Here's a few close ups. My intention was to show you the steps leading up to this point but I quickly forgot to photograph after the first three pictures. I forgot to mention that Paivi works with water colors and the way in which she uses them is unique, like throwing color down and then using pens and color pencils to doodle. This is how my background paper started out. The shapes were then embellished with doodles and color and then cut out and then glued down on a dark background. Learning water color has never been on the top of my list, but using it in this manner was really fun. Embellishing, coloring, doodling, cutting and pasting..... what could be more fun?!! Thanks for stopping by.......


  1. Reminds me of Audrey from "Little Shop of Horrors' (Audrey, the plant!) :D

  2. I love the fake embroidery! I used to do the needle and thread kind and it looked a lot like this.